No 1 Bio

Nobumasa Takahashi is "reclusive" of Japan. His concept is "Human changes" and "Invisible". He's doing "espial" "contrivance" "record". COME and GO in Tokyo and Onigashima now.


Photo byMitsuho at Spiral Garden in TOKYO in 2005

Photo by Junichi Takahashi in TOKYO in 2008

Photo byMitsuho at sonicart in summer sonic in Chiba in 2008

Photo by Mika Sasaya at THE HAKONE OPEN-AIR MUSEUM in Kanagawa in 2009

Photo by Gohshi Hata at NARUKAMI in TOKYO in 2010

Photo by GABOMI at Aoyama on the street in TOKYO in 2013

No 2 policy

His artwork targets a person. The purpose is that the format of the person changes.
His behavior targets all things besides the person. The purpose is acquisition of information about all ones.


No 3 Experience

1973 Born, Kanagawa, JAPAN.
1995 Starting activity.
1997 An atelier "Ba-chang House" is established in Tokyo.
2007-2017 An experimental company "NN Co.,Ltd." is founded.
2012 Inaugurated as bandai of "Busshozan-onsen" in Takamatsu.
2019 Art unit "Neon Yup Torrid" is assembled in Tokyo.
NOW An atelier "023" is establishing in Onigashima.

1973 神奈川県生まれ
1995 活動開始
1995 桑沢デザイン研究所卒業
1997 東京 アトリエ「ばあちゃんハウス」設立
2007-2017 実験会社「株式会社NN」運営
2012 高松「仏生山温泉」社外番台 就任
2019 東京 アートユニット「ネオン ヤップ トリッド」結成
現在 鬼ヶ島 アトリエ「023」設立中

No 5 Connect

No 7 My Location

  • TOKYO base "Bachang House"
  • 1-15-16 Nakadai, Itabashi, Tokyo, JAPAN 174-0064
  • 〒174-0064 東京都板橋区中台1-15-16
    ばあちゃんハウス *藤沼家から提供されている基地
  • ONIGASHIMA base "023"
  • 105 Megi, Takamatsu, Kagawa, JAPAN 760-0092
  • 〒760-0092 香川県高松市女木町105